Construction Updates

The Village replaced its water lines, gas lines, streets, curbs, and driveway aprons, and performed substantial upgrades to its storm sewer system, in 2018. Some finish work remains to be completed this spring. Sign up here to receive updates via email and/or text.

General notes on spring construction

  1. Construction crews will need unhindered access to right of way areas to perform curb repairs and lawn restoration. Please do not park in the street during working hours until construction is completed to ensure that the work is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible, and please ask lawn services and other contractors to avoid street parking as well. No street parking whatsoever will be allowed in the Village while the final paving of streets is being performed.
  2. Some residents have elected to perform their own lawn restoration (topsoil and/or seed or sod). Please notify Mayor Eric MacGilvray as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, April 19, if you do not want the contractor to restore your lawn.
  3. Residents may want to repair sprinklers and other underground elements that were damaged last year before the lawn restoration process begins. The fresh topsoil will be hand-raked and we do not anticipate any additional damage to these elements.
  4. The current version of the contractor’s punch list is posted under the “Additional information” heading below. Please contact Mayor Eric MacGilvray as soon as possible if you know of an issue needing attention that is not on the punch list.

Next 7 days (April 13 – April 20)

  1. Spot repairs will be made to curbs and gutters throughout the Village. Spray paint will be used to mark areas to be repaired; please do not park on the street in those locations.
  2. Restoration of asphalt driveways will begin, weather permitting. Driveway access will be disrupted for a few hours while the work is being performed. Door hangers will be used to notify residents of these disruptions; please be on the lookout for those.

Next 14 days (April 13 – April 27)

  1. Spot repairs to curbs and gutters will be completed.
  2. Restoration of asphalt driveways will be completed, weather permitting.
  3. Placement and grading of fresh topsoil in previously excavated areas will begin throughout the Village, weather permitting. Soil will be deposited into the yard and then hand-raked to grade. Please notify Mayor Eric MacGilvray as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, April 19, if you intend to provide your own topsoil and/or seed or sod.
  4. Adjustment to grade of manholes and water castings located in the streets will begin. This work will likely be performed on days when the weather doesn’t allow for placement and grading of topsoil. This work may cause temporary traffic disruptions; please use caution when driving around construction crews.

Next month (April 13 – May 13)

  1. Placement and grading of fresh topsoil will be completed.
  2. Grass seed and mulch will be sprayed over the fresh topsoil.
  3. Adjustment of manholes and water castings to grade will be completed.
  4. Final paving of streets may begin.

General notes on construction

  1. Please do not disturb stakes or flags that have been placed within the right of way. These markers indicate the location of underground utilities. If markers are removed then the utilities must be re-marked and may be inadvertently damaged, which will delay construction and add to the cost of the project.
  2. Please do not disturb materials within the right of way, such as manholes, castings, and pipes, and please avoid any piping or tubing that extends up from the ground. Again, damage to these items will delay construction and add to the cost of the project.

Additional information

Contractor punch list [pdf]

Construction FAQ

What to Expect During Construction [pdf]

Identified landscape elements [pdf] that will be affected by the construction.

Please note that these documents are in a .pdf file format designated by [pdf] following the link. Pdf files require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open them. If you do not have Reader, you may use the following link to Adobe to download it for free: Adobe Acrobat Reader.