Riverlea Council Meeting

December 16, 2019


MORPC – Metropolitan Transportation Plan


Report of the Clerk Treasurer

Approval of the minutes

Approval of the financial report

Report of the Mayor

Report of the Solicitor

Report of the Street Commissioner

Report of the Planning Commission


Comments from residents on agenda items (sign in with clerk/ limit 3 minutes)


Old Business

Report of the Committee on Infrastructure

Report of the Committee on Communications

Report of the Web Manager

Ordinance 03-2019 – 2020 Appropriations, Village – third reading

Resolution 2019-10 – Social Media Policy – third reading


New Business

Resolution 2019-12 Planning Commission & Planning Commissioner **Emergency**

Resolution 2019-13 – Web Manager **Emergency**

Resolution 2019-14 – Columbus Prosecutor **Emergency**

Ordinance 04-2019 – Solar Panel Installation Code – first reading

Ordinance 05-2019 – 2019 Appropriation Modification **Emergency**




Comments from residents on non-agenda items (sign in with clerk/ limit 3 minutes)


Announcement of next meeting –– Tuesday, Jan 21 2019