2010 State of the Village Report

Mary Jo Cusack, Mayor

At the January 19, 2010, meeting Council welcomed Jon L. AnkromBriggs W. HamorEric A. MacGilvray and Daniel W. Noonan for the terms ending 2013. Council elected Kirk McHugh as President Pro Tem. At the September 20, 2010, meeting, Council welcomed Don Griffithas its newest member. Don replaced Dan Noonan who resigned in August.

Council adopted the following Ordinances


  • 01-2010: To approve a modification and realignment of Ordinance 10-2009, the annual Appropriation Ordinance
  • 02-2010: To approve the modification and realignment of Ordinance 10-2009, the annual Appropriation Ordinance
  • 03-2010: To approve the Annual Appropriation Ordinance
  • 04-2010: To enact and adopt a supplement to the Code of Ordinances for the Village of Riverlea, Ohio

Council adopted the following Resolutions


  • 2010-01: To adopt proposed Rules for Council and to provide for certain other organizational matters.
  • 2010-02: To authorize the Village to enter into contracts for certain insurance coverages.
  • 2010-03: To confirm the appointment of William Charles as Street Commissioner.
  • 2010-04 through 2010-11: To extend appreciation to the following:
    Keith Beachler – Planning Commission
    Jody Croley Jones – Planning Commission
    Neil Mortine – Marshal
    Jon McAlearney – Village Council
    Jack Schaer – Village Council, President Pro Tem
    Renee Shannon – Village Council
    Rod Tettenhorst – Village Council
    Paul Zenisek – Village Council
  • 2010-12: To approve a Public Records Policy for the Village
  • 2010-13: To approve the appointment of Donald Griffith as a member of the Planning Commission
  • 2010-14: To authorize an agreement with Donald Brogan and Julia Brogan
  • 2010-15: To authorize acceptance of a proposal by J&F Specialty Company
  • 2010-16: To provide for the acquisition of engineering services by the Village of Riverlea
  • 2010-17: To express the intent of the Village Council regarding a certain appropriation proposal
  • 2010-18: To confirm the appointment of Donald McCarthy as a member of the Planning Commission
  • 2010-19: To confirm the appointment of Karen McElmurray as Village Marshal
  • 2010-20: To authorize the Village Mayor to advertise for bonds for the 2010 street improvement program
  • 2010-21: To request the County Auditor to certify to the Village information needed to enable the Village to levy a tax in excess of the ten mill limitation
  • 2010-22: To request the County Auditor to certify to the Village information needed to enable the Village to levy a tax in excess of the ten mill limitation
  • 2010-23: To award the contract for the 2010 street maintenance program, to authorize the Mayor to enter into an agreement therefore
  • 2010-24: To provide for the removal of ice and snow from the street of the Village of Riverlea
  • 2010-25: To determine to levy a tax in excess of the ten mill limitation
  • 2010-26: To accept the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the County Auditor
  • 2010-27: To authorize the Mayor to enter into a contract with the City of Columbus for legal representation in certain criminal and traffic cases
  • 2010-28: To authorize the Mayor of the Village of Riverlea, Ohio to contract with the City of Worthington, Ohio for the Worthington Police Department to provide services in the Village
  • 2010-29: To provide Legal Counsel for the Village of Riverlea


  • Revenues: $277,452.99
  • Expenditures: $514,856.86 which included $234,573.18 for transportation (including streets).
  • Riverlea operating levy passed November 2, 2010; the 5.0 mills is estimated to generate about $117,000/yr.
  • Bills in the legislature may eliminate the estate tax ($57,720.22 in 2010). The state may possibly attempt to use the Local Government Funds ($24,460.79 in 2010) to reduce the state deficit.

Community Events

These events were held at the Circle: the Bunny Hop, the July Fourth Picnic, and the Halloween Party.

Long-Range Plans

  1. The major long-range plan is the infrastructure. Riverlea and the other suburbs entered into an agreement with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requiring specific timelines for updating our infrastructure. It is mandatory that this be carried out.
  2. In conjunction with the infrastructure, the streets and curbs need to be redone. Council is working on this in conjunction with our Street Commissioner, Bill Charles, and Burgess and Niple Engineering firm.
  3. It is hoped that at the time we do the streets and curbs, we can consider electrical service to the Circle and water service to the entrance markers.
  4. The lift station will probably be replaced at the time that the infrastructure is replaced. Bill Charles has checked with Worthington and they may be putting a new sewer in within three years. We hope to work with them.
  5. The purchase of a Village Hall has been discussed in the past. Given current finances and requirements for infrastructure and streets and curbs, this will be very far down on the list of priorities.
  6. Discussions with Worthington as to possible annexation will probably be forthcoming.
  7. Safe routes to school will continue to be discussed and solutions sought.

Other Information

  • In October, held an open public forum on the operating levy. During the year published 12 Newsletters and redesigned the Web site. Council meeting agendas and minutes are available online.
  • Your Mayor continues to serve as your representative to the following boards: Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), FEMA, Franklin County Board of Health, Airport Advisory Committee, Wildlife Roundtable.
  • Our new liaison with the Worthington Police, Lt. James Mosic, will be the next Worthington Police Chief.
  • Continuing issues: Noise from Don Scott Airport and MORPC Watershed Plan involving the Olentangy River.