Green Recycle Bin in Village of Riverlea

Trash and Recycling

When is the next trash collection?

  • The next trash day is Monday, July 22


The regular Riverlea trash and recycling collection day is Monday. Local Waste Services observes six holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. When one of these holidays falls on a Monday then collection is on the following Tuesday. If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday there will be NO change in your scheduled pick up day.

Service Guidelines

  • Waste should be placed at the curb (not in the street) by 6:00 am on the scheduled collection day, but not more than one day prior.
  • All waste should be covered and/or secured.
  • Separate collections are made for trash, recycling, and (except during winter) yard waste.
  • Containers should be removed by the following morning and stored out of sight.
  • Trash and recycling bags and containers should not exceed 50 lbs. in weight.
  • Branches and brush should be tied in bundles not exceeding 48 inches in length.

Frequently asked questions

    1. What should I do if there is a problem with my collection?
      Please contact Local Waste Services at (614) 409-9375.
    2.  Where do I get trash and recycling containers?
      Residents are responsible for purchasing their own trash containers. Local Waste Services has 95 gallon trash carts available to rent for $3/month, $36/year, billed annually, and 65 gallon recycling carts for $2.50/month, $30/year, billed annually. Recycling may be placed in any container labeled RECYCLING.
    3. What is recyclable?
      White paper, newspaper, magazines, brown paper grocery bags, corrugated cardboard, phone books
      Glass containers used for food or beverages
      HDPE & PETE plastics (#1 through #7)
      Steel, tin, and aluminum cans
      Please note that styrofoam, plastic grocery bags, window glass, and glass dishes are not recyclable.
    4. Does the Village pick up leaves?
      The Village does not provide leaf pickup; it is up to residents to bag their own leaves and put them out with their other yard waste. Please don’t rake leaves into the street because they will clog the storm sewers.
    5. Is there anything that I can’t put in the trash?
      Uncollectable items include large automobile parts, large construction debris, tires, and household hazardous waste: for example, acids and bleaches; antifreeze; batteries; CFL and other fluorescent light bulbs; fats, oils and greases; fertilizers and other lawn chemicals; flammables; oil-based paints and paint thinners; and poisons. Please visit the SWACO website for a complete list and for more information about disposing of household hazardous waste.