Special Council Meeting

August 15, 2016

The Council of the Village of Riverlea met on the above date at 250 W Riverglen Dr., Riverlea. The following Council members were present: Mayor Eric A. MacGilvray, Marc Benevento, Scott K. Gordon, Chad A. Lowe, Kathy McClintock, and Josh Schoenberger. Also present were Joshua C. Mehling, Clerk-Treasurer, L. Leah Reibel, Solicitor, and William P. Charles, Street Commissioner. Guest of Council was Jim Dippel of Burgess & Niple. At 8:56 pm the Mayor called the meeting to order.

New Council Member

Kathy McClintock was sworn in by the Clerk-Treasurer as the newest member of Village Council.


  1. The minutes of the Council meeting of July 18, 2016 were not read since each member had received a copy. Schoenberger moved and Lowe seconded the motion that the minutes be approved as submitted by the Clerk-Treasurer. The motion carried (5-0).

Resolution 2016-10

  1. Resolution 2016-10, A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor of the Village of Riverlea, Ohio to Seek Financial Assistance from the Ohio Public Works Commission for the Funding of Various Capital Infrastructure Projects, and to Declare an Emergency was introduced by Gordon. Schoenberger moved and Lowe seconded the motion to waive the three readings of this resolution in order to complete the OPWC funding on a timely basis. This motion was approved (5-0). Schoenberger moved and Benevento seconded the motion to approve this resolution. This motion was approved (5-0).

Resolution 2016-11

  1. Resolution 2016-11, A Resolution to Provide for the Acquisition of Consulting Services from Burgess & Niple for Preparation of Construction Plan, Specification, Cost Estimates, Professional Assistance During Construction, and Bidding Services for the Village’s Water Distribution System and Street and Drainage Reconstruction Project, and to Declare an Emergency was introduced by Gordon. The Mayor then opened the floor for questions and comments on the proposal before any vote.The Mayor led off discussions by asking Jim Dippel of Burgess & Niple whether there was any difference in longevity of doing pavement reclamation and laying entirely new pavement, and Dippel affirmed that there was not.

    The Mayor asked Dippel to confirm the curb replacement language and he replied that curbs will be replaced at the height they are currently, unless there are areas with drainage issues, which may need to be regraded. He also stated that any effects on landscaping would be kept to a minimum, but that this regrading, along with the possibility of work on water lines that run behind the curb, but in the right of way, may affect this.

    The Mayor questioned the language stating that affected driveway aprons would be replaced. He mentioned that previous proposals had mentioned replacing all of the aprons in the Village. Dippel stated that the estimate included replacing 209 aprons and that several of the newer aprons appeared to be at the correct height and would not need to be replaced. Gordon mentioned that part of the selling point to residents was that all aprons would be replaced. Dippel reaffirmed that the aprons would be replaced unless they did not need to and the homeowners approved keeping them.

    The Mayor mentioned the fact that the contract included 80 hours of work in coordinating work such as with utility companies, and questioned whether the costs could come down if this was not used. Dippel replied that the contract was set up as a flat fee, not per hour, so any increase or decrease to these hours would not have an impact.

    The Mayor asked Dippel if he would be involved in the daily work on this project, and he replied that he would be involved on an oversight basis, but not necessarily on a daily basis. He was not yet aware of who would serve in this capacity.

    Benevento mentioned that the original estimate included about 10% in engineering costs and Dippel stated that it was closer to 15% and that the current costs were coming in at about that amount. The Mayor reiterated that $7 million was a hard and fast cap on the project, given the bond that was approved by voters, so the project would need to come in under this. Dippel pointed out that the OPWC application included grant money, so anything covered by these grants would not go against the money needed to be borrowed, which had the cap. Schoenberger inquired if it was an issue if the total project estimate came in over the $7 million approved and the Mayor replied that any potential grants would affect this as well, that the Village only needed to prove that it was able to service any potential loans.

    Lowe expressed concern about the 12 months given for project length and what any delays to the project may have on the administrative fee. He asked whether the Village could cap this fee or lengthen the term of the contract. Dippel said that this was something that could be negotiated once the project plan was complete, and that the Council was only voting on the initial design work currently.

    Gordon mentioned that he found it alarming that the project had increased from its initial estimated cost of $6.2M to the current $7.4M. Dippel mentioned that there had been changes to the construction environment and that costs have increased since the original proposal. He also mentioned that part of the increase was due to actual calculations being performed vs. the high level estimates used previously. The Mayor stated that if the Village did not receive the requested funding, they may have to explore cheaper options, such as those initially proposed.

    Benevento moved and Schoenberger seconded the motion to waive the three readings of this resolution in order to complete the OPWC funding on a timely basis. This motion was approved (5-0). Benevento moved and McClintock seconded the motion to approve this resolution. This motion was approved (5-0).

Next Meeting Announcement

The next regular meeting will be Monday, September 19 at 7:00 pm at the Thomas Worthington High School.


There being no further business, Gordon moved and Lowe seconded the motion to adjourn. The motion was approved unanimously (5-0). The meeting was adjourned at 9:44 pm.