Village of Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure

Meeting minutes

January 6, 2020

The Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure met at 7:00 pm on Monday, January 6th in room 119 of Thomas Worthington High School.  The meeting was posted and open to the public.  The following people were in attendance:  Marc Benevento (Chair), Bill Charles (Street Commissioner), Greg Ross (volunteer), and Dan Schlichting (volunteer).  Eric MacGilvray (Mayor) and Jim Dippel of Burgess and Niple attended as a guest of the Committee to share updates on the infrastructure project work.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Approval of minutes from October meeting
  2. 2020 Committee priorities and membership
  3. Street project follow up items   (5690 Olentangy Drive apron 43 W Southington wet pavement, other)
  4. Lift station improvement:  progress & next steps
  5. Asset management plan: comment & input from committee

6   New business

The meeting was called to order at 7:0 6. The chairperson volunteered to take minutes.  Meeting minutes from the October 2019 meeting had been circulated ahead of time and were approved as written.

  1. 2020 committee priorities and membership:  Main priorities for the year will be to conclude the follow up activities of the street project, plan, fund, and implement improvements to the lift station, and complete the asset management plan.  Output of the asset management plan will be used for the committee to develop proposal for funding of long-term maintenance and repair of Village infrastructure and make a recommendation for budgeting in the operating levy that will go on the ballot in Fall 2020.  The charter of the committee requires two council members on the committee.  Since Chad Lowe is no longer on Council, a Council member will be added once the vacant seat is filled at the January Council meeting.
  2. Street project follow up

Due to colder temperatures, work is not expected to be conducted until Spring 2020.

a.  5690 Olentangy drainage issue: the drive apron will be raised at the expense of the Village, while the property owner will pay for installation of a trench drain.  Council approved the expense and the work will be completed when weather permits.

b. 43 W Southington wet pavement:

A resident reported to the Village that the pavement in this area is consistently wet, and was concerned this may be due to a break in a water main or a supply line.  B&N investigated and determined the water collection is most likely due to a low spot in the pavement.  While it is possible that another source of water is present, it is unlikely due to the age of and location of the water system.  However, the Village will continue to monitor the street for standing water and wet areas for the duration of the warranty period.

c.  Additional follow up items:  during the discussion of remaining work, it was noted that the drive apron at 49 W. Southington is cracking and in need of repair. This will be done under warranty.  In addition, some curb damage was noticed on Crescent that the Village may want to have repaired at the same time.  Although this would not be covered under warranty, the mobilization cost would be avoided by combining this repair with work on Olentangy and Southington.

Other: Committee volunteer Greg Ross commented that he had been unable to locate the water valve on his property, and asked if it could be located or added if necessary

The mayor indicated that water may be draining across the intersection of Falmouth and Frontenac after heavy rains, rather than staying in the gutter.  He asked if the grade of the street could be checked in that location

3.  Lift station inspection report & next steps

B&N provided a rough estimate of recommended maintenance and repair of the concrete slabs in the lift station.  A detailed quote will be pursued with a contractor who would perform the work.  Since B&N estimated the life of the station at 25-20 years based on the condition of the reinforced concrete, the Village inquired about the cost to repair or replace the slab.  Replacement of the slab was estimated to be in the range of$ 8-10 thousand.  This could be a viable course of action if the structure and controls are in good condition.  It was also asked if there are other connection to the Broadmeadows sewer that had not been previously considered that would allow for elimination of the station in the future.  B&N will investigate, although it is suspected that any connection south of the Village would require routing a long sewer line through Rush Run Park, which had been a point of contention with the City of Columbus Parks Department in the past.

Next steps for the addition of the backup generator to the lift station are to evaluate the site for possible locations for placement of the generator.

The committee asked about the options for repair or replacement of these slabs once they reach the end of their life, or if the station would have to be replaced in entirety.  B&N will provide options and cost estimates.  The committee will take this into consideration as they develop a recommended course of action to Council.  However, it is still desired to add a backup generator to keep the station operating during power outages to prevent sewage overflow.  An estimate to install a generator will need to include the cost of the generator, a concrete slab to support it, a natural gas line and connection, and a security enclosure of some sort.  Security enclosures that include some sort of sound abatement would be desirable.

Options for the generator location and security were discussed.  Due to a steep slope on the south side of the station (away from the adjacent home) and a manhole and sewer lines to the west of the station (“behind’ the station relative to the street), these are not likely to be viable options  B&N will evaluate the site along with the Street Commissioner to develop possible locations.

4.  New Business:  A resident had inquired about the criteria used to determine which trees had received root treatment during construction work.  The resident wanted to know why trees on their property had been skipped.  B&N will follow up.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.