Village of Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure
Meeting minutes
June 3, 2019

The Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure met at 7:00 pm on Monday, June 3, 2019 in room 119 of Thomas Worthington High School. The meeting was posted and open to the public. The following people were in attendance: Marc Benevento (Chair), Bill Charles (Street Commissioner), Chad Lowe (Council), and Scott Flores (volunteer). Eric MacGilvray (Mayor) and Jim Dippel of Burgess and Niple attended as a guest of the Committee to share updates on the infrastructure project design work.

The following agenda was shared via e-mail prior to the meeting:

1. Approval of March meeting minutes
2. Street project – outstanding items
3. Asset management plan
4. Lift station improvement plan
5. Infrastructure maintenance funding proposal
6. Tree planting program – progress update
7. New business

At 7:06 pm, the meeting was called to order. The chairperson volunteered to take minutes. Meeting minutes from the March 2019 meeting had been circulated ahead of time and were approved as written.

Jim Dippel of Burgess and Niple presented the updated punch list of outstanding items from the infrastructure project. This included:

Height adjustment of water valves at several properties

Reversing the direction of hydrant valve opening. Hydrants meet City of Columbus, not Worthington specifications. Hydrant reworking is expected to cost about $20,000 total, of which $16,000 is related to purchasing of parts. Riverlea will work with B&N to understand if this can be charged to the infrastructure project since it is related to parts purchased and installed for the project. Bugess & Niple has agreed to cover the expense of reworking the hydrants.

Drive slope at 311 Riverglen. The resident has contacted the mayor to let him know their car is scraping the ground when entering the drive since the final layer of asphalt has been placed. Jim Dippel checked the actual slope of the drive and compared it to the design and prior slope. The original slope ranged from 8-12%, the design was at 12%, and the actual ranges from 13-15%. The actual slope, although high, is similar to others in the village, and is not the most severe slope. Jim will contact the homeowner to better understand the conditions and see if change in driving practices will alleviate the problem.

Asset management plan: Burgess & Niple will provide an update for the July or August meeting.

Lift station improvement plan: Committee members commented on the proposal by Burgess and Niple for inspection and site planning of the lift station, which was for approximately $20,600. The committee expressed concerns about the overall cost of the project including the evaluation, and that the evaluation contained elements, such as evaluation of electronics and inspection of the force lateral that were not necessary. B&N to rework the proposal to itemize costs and focus on structural inspection and cost estimates for likely design options.
Infrastructure maintenance funding proposal: Chad Lowe is building a model to incorporate expected timing and magnitude of maintenance items infrastructure such as the streets and lift station. The goal is to consider options for funding future infrastructure projects from the operating budget of the village as opposed to passing levies for this purpose. Chad requested the final budget and interest assumptions used by the clerk-treasurer, and will complete the model once that information is provided. Input will be provided to make the final adjustment on the infrastructure levy millage or to properly set the operating levy that will require renewal in 2020.

Tree planting program: Scott Flores inquired with two nurseries regarding recommendations for trees and pricing to the village for a possible tree planting program in Fall 2019. Marc and Scott are gathering additional information on tree varietals from nurseries and arborists in the next week, and will make a proposal to council at the June meeting. Trees would be required to be planted in street facing portions of lots, out of the right-of-way when possible. The proposal is for the Village to provide 50% the installed cost of up to two trees per homeowner with a budget limit to be set by council.

The next regularly scheduled meeting date is Monday, July 1, 2019. The committee may meet later in July since the meeting falls in a holiday week.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.