Regular Council Meeting

March 21, 2011

The Council of the Village of Riverlea met on the above date at the Thomas Worthington High School, Worthington. The following Council members were present: Mayor Mary Jo Cusack, Jon L. Ankrom (arrived at 7:15), Scott K. Gordon, Donald E. Griffith, Briggs W. Hamor, Eric A. MacGilvray and Kirk M. McHugh, President Pro-Tem. Also present were Pamela M. Colwell, Clerk-Treasurer, Steven W. Mershon, Solicitor, S. Craig Predieri, William P. Charles, Street Commissioner, Karen McElmurray, Marshal and Lois Yoakam, Newsletter Editor. Guests of Council were Jerry Durham, Hamlin King, Mary King and Jim Dippel, Burgess & Niple. At 7:05 pm the Mayor called the meeting to order.


  1. The minutes of the regular Council meeting of February 22, 2011 were not read since each member had received a copy. Gordon moved and Griffith seconded a motion that the minutes be approved as submitted by the Clerk-Treasurer. The motion was approved unanimously (5-0).

Report of the Clerk-Treasurer

  1. McHugh moved and Gordon seconded a motion to approve the payment of bills and to accept the financial report for February 2011, as submitted by the Clerk-Treasurer. The motion was approved unanimously (5-0).

Report of the Mayor

  1. The Mayor thanked Eric MacGilvray for the wonderful memo regarding the annexation with Worthington. She knows he spent a lot of time and effort on it and she expressed her appreciation.
  2. The Mayor also thanked Bill Charles for his assistance with a water main break on Falmouth and for all of the other hard work he has done for the Village. She said he has contributed more than anyone could have imagined.
  3. The OML Legislative Luncheon is tomorrow and she will be there with McHugh, Griffith and Colwell.
  4. She attended Worthington’s Council meeting last week along with McHugh, Ankrom, MacGilvray and Yoakam regarding the annexation proposal. Tonight they will introduce an ordinance to appoint three commissioners and she is going there right after this meeting. She encouraged everyone to attend.

Report of the Solicitor

  1. The Solicitor wanted to clarify what Council’s intent was for the North American Broadcasting’s petition to the FCC to move their city of licensure to Riverlea. His advice was to not do anything since he saw no reason to spend any money on this. However, he felt that Council was not clear on this and asked what they wanted to do. The Solicitor explained that this did not have much impact on Riverlea unless Council was concerned about the Village’s name being associated with a radio station. The application required an affidavit from a resident that stated they believed the community was unique and they have two. Council expressed their concern about residents objecting to the content of the radio station. The Mayor wants Council to go on the record as opposing the application. Gordon wanted to know if we are saying we are not unique or we do not want to be associated with the radio station. The Solicitor said it would be that we do not want to be associated with the station. After some discussion, MacGilvray moved and Griffith seconded the motion to express Council’s formal disapproval of using the Village of Riverlea as the city of licensure by North American Broadcasting Company’s petition to the FCC. The following vote was recorded on the motion: Yea, 5: Ankrom, Griffith, Hamor, MacGilvray and McHugh: Nay, 1; Gordon. The motion carried 5-1.

Report of the Planning Commissioner

  1. T1. There was no Planning Commission meeting in March.

Report of the Marshal

  1. The Marshal reported there were 253 checks with no citations or warnings.
  2. She contacted the resident on Crescent Court regarding the Bagster in their front yard and reported that the resident has applied for a certificate of appropriateness as required by statute.

Report of the Street Commissioner

  1. The Commissioner reported that he has made no progress on the street sign that needs replacing.
  2. He is working on the Storm Water Report and is waiting for Gordon to give him the previous report.
  3. He is still waiting for Radico’s quote.
  4. He will let Jim Dippel give the SSES proposal.

SSES Year 3 Proposal by Jim Dippel of Burgess & Niple

  1. Dippel explained that the proposal is in two parts. The first is the flow monitoring requirement for $39,000. Flow monitors will be installed and maintained in the sanitary sewers to collect data from April through July for both wet weather and dry weather.
  2. The second part is the flow evaluation and report. There are two alternatives for this. The first alternative is use the EPA’s standards of determination which could result in further testing. The upfront costs are lower but the long term costs could be more costly because there would probably be further testing since the standards are difficult to meet. The cost for this is $18,000.
  3. The second alternative is to use local standards, which may be more lenient and will allow a more comprehensive analysis. The upfront costs are higher but it would move the timeline up a year, thus saving money. The cost for this is $32,500. Council asked how much would be saved and Dippel responded that it may be around $20,000.
  4. Dippel said he did not know if they would be able to do alternative 2 right now. They have to get more feedback from the EPA regarding this but he wanted Council to be aware of these two options. Council did not have to decide yet about which alternative to use. He would start on the flow monitoring first.

Report of the Newsletter Editor

  1. The Editor said she would like copy for the Newsletter by April 5th.
  2. She asked for anyone to write something for the Newsletter.

Report of the Web Manager

  1. The Web Manager posted the memo on annexation from MacGilvray three days before the Newsletter. Please keep her up to date regarding the annexation information for the Web site.

Report of Parks and Recreation

  1. The Mayor said Carolee Noonan has contacted her regarding the Easter egg hunt. She asked if Council still wanted to have it and Council agreed.
  2. Ankrom moved and McHugh seconded the motion to authorize the expenditure of the same amount as last year for the Bunny Hop ($300). The motion was approved unanimously (6-0).

Comments from Residents on Agenda Items

  1. Hamlin King asked about the annexation process. He wanted to know about the reference to costs in the Newsletter. The Solicitor explained that Worthington said they may want to do some studies before they could make a reasonable decision and one Worthington administrator said they would like to share the costs. Council does not have to do anything about this now. MacGilvray said there would be additional legal costs for the Village. King asked also if Worthington and Riverlea voted separately or together. The Mayor said separately since either one could turn it down. King stated he did not know anyone who wanted annexation but understood that this process had to play out.

Old Business

  1. There was no old business.

New Business

  1. Burgess & Niple SSES Proposal
    Hamor moved and Ankrom seconded the motion to authorize the Mayor to sign the Burgess & Niple March 8, 2011 proposal for the 2011 Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation Study (SSES) Year 3 – Flow Monitoring for $39,000. The motion was approved unanimously (6-0).

Comments from Residents on Non-Agenda Items

There were no comments on non-agenda items


Next Meeting Announcement

The next regular meeting will be Monday, , April 18, 2011 at 7:00 pm at the Thomas Worthington High School.



There being no further business, Ankrom moved and MacGilvray seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion was approved unanimously (6-0). The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.