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Architectural Review Board (ARB) meetings are held on the second Monday each month at 7:00 pm, pending the need to meet. The ARB does not do building inspection, only architectural review and zoning compliance. All Village residents are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings.

Regular meeting: May 14, 2012

A meeting of the Village of Riverlea Planning Commission was held May 14, 2012 at 5830 Falmouth Court. Members present were Michael Jones (Planning Commissioner), Bryce E. Jacob, Jo Ann Bierman and Lisa J. Morris. Donald P. McCarthy was absent. Also present were Don and Pam Birnie, Mike and Kathy McClintock, Rich Taylor, Mark Fitzharris, and Bob Davis.. Pamela M. Colwell served as Clerk. The Planning Commissioner called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

  1. An application for a Certificate of Appropriateness by Don and Pam Birnie at 5833 Westchester Court to install a six foot privacy fence along the north and west side of the property and a four foot fence with gate from the garage to the south property line. The neighbor’s existing chain link fence on the south side will remain as is. Don Birnie said they wanted privacy and to contain their two dogs. The six foot fence will be cedar and the four foot section in the front will be white aluminum railing. The Commissioner cautioned them to keep the fence on their property. Morris moved and Bryce seconded the motion to approve the application as submitted. The following vote was recorded on the motion: Yea, 4, Bierman, Jacob, Morris and Jones: Nay, None. The Motion carried 4-0.
  2. An application for a Certificate of Appropriateness by Mike and Kathy McClintock at 171 West Riverglen Drive to build two additions onto the rear of the house. Their intention at this meeting is for a review and not approval. Rich Taylor, architect, stated that they plan to use dark stucco instead of stone and red roof shingles instead of clay tiles on the additions since the back of the house cannot be seen from the street. The Commissioner asked that they obtain costs estimates for stucco and stone. Jacob suggested at least using partial stone on the additions. The Commissioner explained that the house has four sides with stone and the additions would look more tied into the existing house with some stone on them. Kathy McClintock expressed her concern regarding the condition of the stone on the house and said it was in poor shape, so reusing stone from the demolition may not be an option. The Commission said that stone could be found to match closely. The additions have asphalt shingles because the clay roof tile is hard to find and very expensive. Jacob said he could probably help them find a new product that looks like the old. Morris explained that they want to encourage homeowners to match as much as possible to the current structure and try to minimize the look as an addition. The Commissioner said they will need to submit a site plan and calculate the lot coverage including hardscape, driveways, etc. Lot coverage must be less than 40%. A landscape plan is also necessary. Bob Davis, a neighbor, stated that he likes the plans and noted that it would be even hard for him to see it in the back. The applicants said they will consider the suggestions made and come back to the Commission once their plans have been finalized. Bryce moved and Bierman seconded the motion to table the application. The following vote was recorded on the motion: Yea, 4, Bierman, Jacob, Morris and Jones: Nay, None. The Motion carried 4-0.

The Commission took no additional action. Morris moved and Bierman seconded a motion to adjourn. The following vote was recorded on the motion: Yea, 4: Bierman, Jacob, Morris and Jones: Nay, None. The Motion carried 4-0. The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Michael Jones, Planning Commissioner

Pamela M. Colwell, Clerk