Regular Council Meeting

October 17, 2011

The Council of the Village of Riverlea Riverlea met on the above date at the Thomas Worthington High School, Worthington. The following Council members were present: Mayor Mary Jo Cusack, Jon L. Ankrom, Scott K. Gordon, Donald E. Griffith, Briggs W. Hamor, and Eric A. MacGilvray. Kirk M. McHugh, President Pro-Tem, was absent. Also present were Pamela M. Colwell, Clerk-Treasurer, Steven W. Mershon, Solicitor, Lois Yoakam, Newsletter Editor, Karen McElmurray, Marshal and William P. Charles, Street Commissioner. Guests of Council were Paul Butler and Judy Stattmiller. At 7:05 p.m. the Mayor called the meeting to order.


  1. The minutes of the regular Council meeting of September 19, 2011 were not read since each member had received a copy. Griffith moved and Hamor seconded a motion that the minutes be approved as submitted by the Clerk-Treasurer. The motion was approved unanimously (5-0).

Report of the Clerk-Treasurer

  1. Gordon moved and Ankrom seconded a motion to approve the payment of bills and to accept the financial report for September 2011, as submitted by the Clerk-Treasurer. The motion was approved unanimously (5-0).

Report of the Mayor

  1. The Mayor reported there will be cider and hotdogs on Halloween night (Oct. 31) from 6-8 p.m.
  2. She received a call that the Stancin lawsuit was dismissed.

Report of the Solicitor

  1. The Solicitor reported that even though the Stancin case was dismissed, the Village’s liability insurance covered it and the Village may receive a bill for the deductible.

Report of the Planning Commissioner

  1. There was no report. The Planning Commission did not meet in September.

Report of the Marshal

  1. The Marshal reported she contacted a realtor regarding an open house sign posted days prior to the open house which was in violation of the sign ordinance. The realtor said he was unaware of the ordinance and removed the sign.
  2. She had received complaints about a car with no tags parked on Crescent Court that had not been moved in days or weeks. She put a notice on the car notifying the owner that there was a 48 hour limit for street parking. She also contacted Worthington police about it. The car was removed. The Mayor said there was another car parked on Crescent Court with no movement. The Marshal will look into it.

Report of the Street Commissioner

  1. The Commissioner reported that he looked at the additional suggested street repairs and decided the only repair needed now was the one in front of 138 Riverglen. He will notify Burgess & Niple.

Report of the Newsletter Editor

  1. The Editor would like copy for the Newsletter by November 5. She will wait to include the results from the Novemberth election.

Report of the Web Manager

  1. There was no report.

Report of Parks and Recreation

  1. There was no report.

Comments from Residents on Agenda Items

  1. There were no comments on agenda items.

Old Business

  1. Resolution No. 2011-09 Resolution No. 2011-09, A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor of the Village of Riverlea, Ohio to Contract with the City of Worthington, Ohio to Provide Police Services in the Village. The resolution was read by title for the second reading. The Solicitor suggested that it might be prudent to pass this resolution now. Ankrom moved and Hamor seconded the motion to suspend the third reading of Resolution No. 2011-09. The motion was approved unanimously (5-0). MacGilvray moved and Griffith seconded the motion to adopt Resolution No. 2011-09. The motion was approved unanimously (5-0)

New Business

  1. Expenses
    MacGilvray moved and Hamor seconded the motion to authorize the expenditure of $1,126.67 to pay the Burgess & Niple invoice. The motion was approved unanimously (5-0).
  2. Ordinance No. 04-2011
    MacGilvray introduced Ordinance No. 04-2011, Annual Appropriation Ordinance (Village) for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2012. The Ordinance was read by title for the first reading. MacGilvray asked what the year- end balance will be and the Clerk-Treasurer responded that it may be around $450,000 depending on what outstanding obligations are paid by then. He was concerned since $350,000 was the amount stated during the annexation negotiations. The Clerk-Treasurer said she would give him a more detailed estimate after reviewing the records but said the $350,000 was a conservative estimate.
  3. Budget/Investment Committee Meeting
    The Clerk-Treasurer reported that the Investment Policy was reviewed and no changes were made.

Comments from Residents on Non-Agenda Items

There were no comments on non-agenda items


Next Meeting Announcement

The next regular meeting will be Monday, November 21, 2011 at 7:00 pm at the Thomas Worthington High School.



There being no further business, Ankrom moved and MacGilvray seconded a motion to adjourn. The motion was approved unanimously (5-0). The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm.