Village of Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure
Meeting minutes
July 16, 2019

The Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure met at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 in room 119 of Thomas Worthington High School. The meeting was posted and open to the public. The following people were in attendance: Marc Benevento (Chair), Bill Charles (Street Commissioner), Greg Ross (volunteer), Dan Schlichting (volunteer), and Scott Flores (volunteer). Eric MacGilvray (Mayor) and Jim Dippel of Burgess and Niple attended as a guest of the Committee to share updates on the infrastructure project design work.

The following agenda was shared via e-mail prior to the meeting:

1. Approval of June meeting minutes
2. Street project – outstanding items
a. Hydrants
b. Water drainage / flooding at 5690 Olentangy
c. other
3. Asset management proposal (B&N)
4. Lift station improvement
5. Infrastructure maintenance funding proposal
6. Tree planting program proposal
7. New business

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm. The chairperson volunteered to take minutes. Meeting minutes from the June 2019 meeting had been circulated ahead of time and were approved as written.

The Committee discussed outstanding items from the street project:

Hydrants: parts to reverse the operation of the hydrants to a right-hand thread have been ordered. The village will issue payment to Central Ohio Hydrant for the parts and that amount will be deducted from the balance due to B&N for the infrastructure project management.

Street warranty: the final change order will include the new language for the warranty of the paved surface.

5690 Olentangy drainage: B&N investigated following the flooding that occurred during recent rains. Initial surveying showed no crown in the street in this area, which allows water to flow around the drains that had been placed east of the property to prevent flooding in the past. It was also noted that the concrete apron could be raised above street level to prevent water from flowing above the crest. Since the road crown is out of spec, the repair would be at the expense of the contractor, while raising the concrete apron would be at the expense of the village. The committee agreed to request to have Shelly paving investigate the road crown and provide comment on a solution.

Asset management plan: Burgess & Niple made a proposal to prepare an infrastructure asset management plan for the Village. This purpose of this plan would be to create an inventory of the components of Riverlea’s infrastructure along with a plan, including expected timing and costs, for maintenance, repair, and replacement of the major components. This would serve as a guide for future mayors, members of council, and street commissioners, and allow the Village to properly operate and maintain the infrastructure consistently over time. Burgess and Niple has a good deal of the information required for assembly of the plan following the street and water projects, as well as recent relining of the sanitary sewer system. The estimate to prepare a plan was $17,500, but B&N would bill Riverlea based on actual time and materials, and the potential exists to deliver the plan at a lower cost. The committee discussed the benefits of the plan and will recommend that Council approve the expense at the August meeting and move forward with development of the asset management plan shortly thereafter.

Lift station improvement plan: Project scope and cost had been a concern of the committee, as it is unclear what improvements to the lift station would be necessary until a structural inspection of the concrete base is conducted. The committee will recommend that Council approve an expense of $3725 for B&N to conduct a structural inspection, after which a more informed discussion of worthwhile improvements can be made. At a minimum, it is desired to install an emergency backup generator to allow the lift station to operate during power outages.

Tree planting program: After discussions with three service providers, Scott Flores and Marc Benevento recommended working with Peabody Landscaping for the tree program in Fall 2019. A list of select trees was prepared that were appropriate shade trees for lots of various sizes. Greg Ross offered to draft an order form. Scott Flores volunteered to contact Peabody regarding order deadlines and expected delivery dates. Eric MacGilvray will investigate issues with collecting payment from residents and suggested orders could be collected in the Village mailbox. Once the order form is complete, they will be distributed to residents either by hand or mail, and will be made available electronically and promoted using the Village website.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM.

The next regularly scheduled meeting date is Monday, August 5, 2019.