The Franklin County Department of Public Health will be spraying for mosquitoes in the Village on Thursday, July 26, starting at about 9:00 pm, weather permitting. The spraying is taking place because West Nile virus has been detected in the area. The County advises that residents take the following precautions during mosquito spraying:

  1. If possible remain indoors with the windows closed when spraying is taking place. Typically windows may be reopened within 30 minutes after trucks have passed.
  2. Bring pets indoors and cover ornamental fish ponds during spraying to avoid direct exposure.
  3. If you come into direct contact with pesticides, wash any exposed skin surfaces well with soap and water.
  4. Outdoor tables, furniture, toys, and play equipment may be covered or rinsed off with water following the application, but this isn’t necessary since the pesticide begins to degrade with exposure to air and light.
  5. Bring laundry inside before spraying begins. If items are exposed, they may be washed again in soap and water.
  6. Wash any exposed fruits and vegetables with water before eating, cooking, or storing.
  7. Allow about one hour to pass before allowing children to play in areas that have been treated.

If you do not want spraying to happen in front of your property you can submit a do not spray request here.