Village of Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure

Meeting minutes

October 5, 2020The Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure met at 7:00 pm on Monday, October 5th 2020.  The meeting was held on-line via Zoom due to the restrictions on public gatherings.  The meeting was posted and open to the public.  The following people were in attendance:  Marc Benevento (Chair), Dan Schlichting (Council member), Bill Charles (Street Commissioner), Greg Ross (volunteer), and Scott Flores (volunteer).  Eric MacGilvray (Mayor) and Jim Dippel and Josh Ford of Burgess and Niple attended as a guest of the Committee to share updates on infrastructure project work.

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Review and approve minutes from July meeting
  2. Sanitary sewer inspection update
  3. Asset management plan review and comment
  4. Lift station improvement:  progress & next steps
  5. Street project follow up
  6. New Business

The meeting was called to order at 7:02.  The chairperson volunteered to take minutes.

  1. Meeting minutes from the July 2020 meeting had been circulated ahead of time and were approved as written.
  2. Josh Ford and Jim Dippel of Burgess & Niple discussed the results of the inspection of the sanitary sewer. One location was identified that showed internal damage and a point repair is recommended.  This would likely be a trenchless repair, such as a small liner, that would not damage the streets. Other sections showed minor root intrusion or mineral deposits that could impede flow over time.  None of the findings require immediate action, but action over the next 1-3 years is recommended.  The total cost of the recommended repairs was estimated at $110,000.

Options for the root intrusion are to treat the affected segments every three years at a cost of about $8000 per treatment or to reline the segment at a cost of $50,000.  If the segment is relined, it would essentially be restored to new condition with a service life of 50+ years, possibly substantially longer.  However, inspections are still recommended every 10 years to be sure the system functions properly.

Segments with mineral deposits could be monitored or relined to prevent them from growing.  Relining these segments would cost roughly $50,000.

If the recommended repairs were relined, about 40% of Riverlea’s sanitary sewer would have been relined since 2012.  The question was raised about the cost to reline the balance of the system to decrease problems and avoid future repairs.  A rough estimate was $32-$40 per linear foot, plus 10% for engineering.  B&N will provide a better estimate to guide decision making on how to proceed with the current repairs.

3. Asset Management Plan

Changes made in response to prior comments were deemed to be sufficient and the work was determined to be complete.

4. Lift station updates:  No progress has been made due to lack of resource availability.  Although the generator requirements and specs are known, the project is complex due to the multiple disciplines involved with the project (natural gas, electrical work, concrete, enclosure design, security) and the Village is likely to engage a general contractor to execute the project.  Potential contractors will be identified and estimates procured to determine if the project must be put to bid.  Jim Dippel was asked if B&N could make the Village aware of appropriate contractors for this scale of project.

5. Street project follow up:  Decker will perform work in October on curbs and drive aprons that were covered under warranty or identified to be repaired.  The drive apron at 49 Southington was identified as a warranty issue prior to the expiration of the warranty period, and B&N will contact Elite to coordinate payment.  The cost of the curb repairs near Crescent and Southington will be covered by the Village and drive apron at 5690 Olentangy will split with the property owner, as the need for the work was created by the street repaving.

6. New business:

B&N advised that the gouges in the streets were not likely to worsen due to ice accumulation this winter.  The Village should monitor the condition of these areas, but preventative maintenance is not required.

Thus far, service providers for street sweeping of Riverlea’s 2.63 centerline miles have not been identified.  Worthington was not interested in providing this service for Riverlea.  Others services had wanted to dump the collected waste in the Village, which was not acceptable.  Sharon Twp will be contacted to see what services they offer in this area.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:41PM.