Infrastructure Committee Meeting

April 6, 2017

The Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure met at 7:05 pm on April 6, 2016 at the Community Church of Christ at 110 Park St. The location was not available at meeting time, so the attendees moved to 679C High Street at 7:15 pm. The following people were in attendance: Marc Benevento (Chair-Council member), Chad Lowe (Council Member), Eric MacGilvray (Mayor), Jim Dippel of Burgess and Niple, volunteer Dan Schlichting.

Minutes from Feb 6 meeting were approved and have been submitted for posting to the website.

  1. Discussion on whether committee might meet every other month instead of monthly. Jim recommended a more frequent meeting plan. The Committee will plan to meet on the first Monday of each month as necessary.
  2. Design progress update from Jim Dippel:Need for easement at property on Southington has been eliminated by change in water line position. Change has been approved by water utility.

    Street elevations are in progress. Grading will be changed in a few areas to improve drainage. This may require lowering of curbs in a few locations. B&N is working to minimize impact to landscaping.

    B&N will develop three options for management of sump discharge. The issue of potential shortened pavement lifespan due to year round sump pump discharge is the first additional scope item to the project. Jim will obtain estimates. The first will be to run a pvc pipe behind the curb and draining into the storm sewer on all streets in the village. The second will be to address only areas that currently have ice issues in winter, tapping into storm sewer when possible. Cost / benefit of each option will be assessed by Infrastructure Committee and a recommendation will be made to Council later this year. A final option is to drain all sumps to gutter, as is now the case.

    B&N is evaluating the number of storm water filters that are necessary for EPA compliance. It is estimated that 1-3 filters may be required. Goal of design will be compliance with lowest upfront and maintenance costs.

    Jim Dippel will be walking the Village in the near future to begin to identify major obstructions with landscaping in the right-of-way. Report will be made to Infrastructure Committee, which will work with Council to develop communication plan to residents.

  3. Gas lines. Jim Dippel has contacted Nisource to coordinate plans for gas line replacement with street construction. Initial comment is that gas line replacement would likely begin after Jan 1, 2018, and take 4-5 months to complete. Nisource would prefer to complete work before the street work is done, but is able to coordinate with the project team.
  4. Accessibility issues. Streets will be accessible to local traffic at all times, except when street base is being replaced. However, access to drives would be available before work begins in the morning and once it concludes in the evening.

    Replacement of driveway aprons is likely to be the most disruptive in terms of driveway access.

  5. Final application for ODWA loan portion of project still needs to be submitted. They accept applications on a monthly basis.

The meeting adjourned at 8:33 pm