Infrastructure Committee Meeting

July 11, 2016

The Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure met at 7:00 pm on July 11, 2016 at 175 W. Southington, Riverlea. The meeting was posted and open to the public. The following people were in attendance: Mayor Eric MacGilvray, Street Commissioner Bill Charles, Marc Benevento (Chair-Council member), Chad Lowe (Council Member), Jim Dippel of Burgess and Niple, volunteer Dan Schlichting.

The following tentative agenda was shared via e-mail prior to the meeting:

  1. Review criteria for p31 OPWC grant & loan application vs prior periods
  2. Discuss possible structures for application (mix of local/grant/loan request)
  3. Develop recommendation to Village Council

Note the location has changed from prior meetings!

Old Business

At 7:05 pm the meeting was called to order. Marc Benevento asked for a volunteer to take meeting minutes and Dan Schlichting volunteered.

The minutes from the June meeting are pending submission and approval.

Marc Benevento introduced the main purpose of the meeting which was to review and discuss the just released round 31 scoring criteria for the SCIP/LTIP grant application.

The group present went over the various questions and comparing them to the draft scoring spreadsheet prepared by the committee. The contents of the round 31 grant application are available for public download from MORPHC.

Jim Dippel suggested he could investigate the use of asphalt reclamation in our project – generally grinding and re-using portions of the existing asphalt for the replacement road bed as a potential way to reduce project costs and obtain additional points in grant application.

The prior round 30 funded projects scored in the 222-241 point range. We expect our application to be in the range of last year’s successful bids

We need to have a signed engineering contract upon submission to obtain an additional 3 pts. Plan to obtain before the September 12th deadline.

New Business:

Eric will contact Wilma Yoder from MORPC with several questions for clarification on scoring issues.
Marc will contact Columbia Gas about whether we might be able to partner with them during this project to also upgrade the gas lines and obtain a higher grant score.
Bill Charles will contact Worthington City regarding our common sewer line running through Riverlea.

Infrastructure committee will make a brief presentation to village council at the July 18th special council meeting.

Next meeting to be held Monday August I , 2016.

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm