Communications Committee Meeting

May 29, 2012
Jones Residence, 5830 Falmouth Court

In attendance; Jon Ankrom, Jody Croley Jones, Pam Colwell, Lois Yoakam, Kathy McClintock Lois motioned that we move to approve last month’s meeting minutes and Jody seconded the motion so that they were approved as read and filed.

Jon suggested that we focus on a plan of action for our website and newsletter to address the issues that were discussed at our last meeting.

Website plan of action

  • Jody will work to develop a program where council members can fill out a form to update the website in emergency situations.
  • Lois will make the website address more prominent in the newsletter.
  • Pam already made the web address larger and more noticeable on all of the kiosks. She will work to incorporate it in all future notices.
  • Kathy will work on starting a “Friends of Riverlea” facebook page. Jody has already started a #RiverleaOH twitter account and has one follower.
  • Jody presented an Image Release Form and updated Privacy Policy.
  • Jon will communicate the above ideas to the council. He will also present the Image Release Form and the Privacy Policy for review and approval.

All committee members will go through the website before the next meeting to come up with ideas on how to improve the website regarding navigation, ease of use, visual appeal and anything else they feel necessary. The following ideas were suggested;

  • Add secondary navigation using vertical menus.
  • Have a page solely for infrastructure.
  • Add notice for planning commission meetings.

Newsletter plan of action

  • Program and option on the website to collect emails of those who would like to receive update notifications to the website including notification of newly added newsletters.
  • Jon will speak with Patty Charles about helping with a campaign to inform and promote this option on the website. Jody will help to generate a plan by next month including using the website and newsletter and possibly mailings or door to door communication.

Jody suggests using a web newsletter vs. a PDF stating the following;

  • navigated/searched differently
  • can be brought up on different media (phones, pads, etc.)
  • purpose of PDF is to be printed
  • gets rid of duplicate info.

Finally, we are searching for someone to volunteer as the Social Chair. This will be advertised on the website and in the newsletter.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.
Next meeting – Tuesday, June 26th, 7:00 pm.
Jody Croley Jones’s residence, 5830 Falmouth Court.