Infrastructure Committee Meeting

March 11, 2019

Village of Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure
Meeting minutes
March 11, 2019

The Riverlea Committee on Infrastructure met at 7:00 pm on Monday, March 11, 2019 in room 127 of the Thomas Worthington High School. The meeting was posted and open to the public. Members in attendance were: Marc Benevento (Chair), Bill Charles (Street Commissioner) and resident members Dan Schlichting and Scott Flores. Members Chad Lowe and Greg Ross were not able to attend. Jim Dippel of Burgess and Niple attended to present an engineering update on the ongoing village infrastructure project.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.
Jim Dippel presented engineering updates and supporting materials
The discussion agenda was as follows:
1. Roadway Project
a. Schedule
b. Punch list
c. Cores
d. Shallow storm sewer TV
e. Hydrants
2. Lift Station Evaluation
3. Pavement maintenance schedule
4. Sanitary sewer televising
5. Water Quality Unit (WQU) maintenance
6. Asset management plan

Jim Dippel first covered the ongoing road project with the group reviewed the construction schedule prepared by the infrastructure project vendor Elite Excavating Company of Ohio, Inc. The schedule itemized the general categories of remaining work and their current calendar estimates of when the work would be accomplished. The entire time table ranged from mid-April through the first week of June. Items included repairs to concrete, placing and grading topsoil, seeding and mulching, adjusting manholes to grade, placing final asphalt surface course and striping and street sign installation. The last two weeks were dedicated to punch list items.
Jim then presented the current draft punch list of remaining work items for review. The list is around 6 pages and he believed it to be around 90% complete and would like it to be reviewed so he may present it to Scott Fulmer by next week.
Next item Jim discussed was the plan to take sample road bed cores from several places in the village to ensure the final road bed will be able to match the designed specifications for depth and drainage levels after being matched to the new curb heights.
Another item that will be completed will be to televise (run a camera through to visually inspect) the shallow storm sewers to ensure no damage was done during the course of road work done last fall.
Finally, there will need to be some parts replacement done on the new fire hydrants. The hydrant specifications currently match the Columbus specifications rotating right to open instead of the Worthington fire specifications which rotate left to open. Since Riverlea is served by the Worthington fire department we should have the same hydrant specifications to avoid inadvertent damage during fire department usage. The replacement will be performed at contractor expense.

Additional projects:
1) Lift Station Evaluation
Burgess and Niple presented a project summary to have two engineers inspect the Riverlea sewer lift station. The purpose of the project is to evaluate the current lift station conditions and determine what will be required in order to install a gas powered generator at the site to prevent sewage overflows to the river in the event of a power outage. The result of the inspection will be a written report recommending the necessary steps to install the generator and any other recommended maintenance items required before proceeding.

2) Pavement maintenance schedule
Jim provided a rough estimate of the expected maintenance time table and cost for the village to consider. The purpose is to help the village plan for ongoing expenditures to maintain our new roads. The projected time frame extended 28 years and made efforts to adjust for inflation. Two different estimates were prepared with the primary difference being the year at which the top layer of asphalt would be milled and a new overlay applied. This is only presented for planning purposes – any actual work would depend on the road condition at that future time.

3) Sanitary Sewer Televising
Jim provided a village sewer schematic highlighted to indicate recommendations for when the village sewer lines should be televised (running an inspection camera through to visually inspect). He presented a plan with two inspections one at 5 years and another at 10 years. Inspections are recommended to catch sewer structural wearing and failures early to prevent catastrophic problems like road bed washouts and collapses. Early repairs are typically less expensive than emergency problems. Estimated cost per inspection was under twenty thousand dollars.

4) Water Quality Unit Maintenance
The water quality units are the storm water debris collection units installed just before storm water flows into the river. They are required by the EPA and benefit the river by collecting solid materials like dirt, sand and pollutants from entering the river. The manufacturers recommendation is for a minimum of two inspections and cleaning per year. Cleaning involves using a vacuum truck to remove the collected sediment from the holding tanks.

5) Asset Management Plan
Jim presented a letter from Kevin Campanella, another engineer from Burgess and Niple confirming that he talked with the Ohio EPA and Riverlea is not required to prepare an asset management plan or program. However a plan is still recommended because the village is managing its own infrastructure it is prudent to maintain plans to ensure future village officials have this information and that maintenance and replacements are performed when required.

The committee thanked Jim for his presentation.

Marc Benevento presented two other items for the committee

1) Tree Program – Marc discussed the desire of the council to initiate a tree replacement program for village residents. Council would like a recommendation on the following items 1) should the village initiate a program, 2) what participation requirements are needed 3) what subsidies should the village provide and 4) what variety of trees should be offered?
Bill Charles thought there might be some grants available from other organizations to facilitate the village plan. Scott Flores volunteered to make contact with Oakland Nursery and other possible tree providers to obtain their advice on tree species and price estimates and will present his findings at a future meeting.

2) Discussion of sump pump discharge onto curbs.
Discussion was help regarding the icing caused by sump pump discharge onto curbs and roadways in the winter. Decision was to wait to review the status of the problem next year after the final pavement grade has been completed before determining if something might need to be done to prevent ice build-up where residents walk.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Next meeting is scheduled for April 16th at 7 pm in Rm 127 at the TWHS high school.

Prepared by:  Dan Schlicting

Chairperson:  Marc Benevento